Payroll solution

Seylan Payroll solution enables organizations to complete their financial transactions such as paying salaries, remitting EPF/ETF, paying supplier payments, commissions and dividends with much ease and convenience through an efficient and hassle free manner without stepping into a branch.

Operational Mechanism In Brief

Company/Org obtaining corporate electronic banking facility from Seylan Bank

Approver to complete the transaction by verifying and approving the details on the file

Nominating the designated inputters, verifiers and approvers for the Payroll solution

Payments could be facilitated as a bulk payment, SLIP or CEFT payment

Inputter to upload the salary/supplier payment/commission or other payments in an excel format

Minimum staff requirement for salary processing is ten in an organization

Benefits Of The Solution

  • Salaries, allowances, incentives, dividends and supplier payments could be credited to stakeholders in real time
  • EPF/ETF payments could be facilitated on the same platform
  • Minimum time consumption due to elimination of drawing cheques and making salary packets
  • Eliminate the risk of carrying physical cash to and from the bank
  • Expert advisory services from our IT staff for Payroll

Payroll Applications

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