About Us

Seylan Bank Limited is a public limited liability company, which was incorporated in Colombo on 28th August 1987 as "Seylan Trust Bank Limited" under the Companies Act No 17 of 1982. The Bank has changed its name on 6th July 1990 under section 20 (3) of the Companies Act No.17 of 1982 as "Seylan Bank Limited". The Bank obtained the certificate to commence business on 29th September 1987.   


To be Sri Lanka's leading financial services provider - as recognized by all our stake holders.


We provide our Customers with financial services that meets their needs in terms of value, pricing, delivery and service.

We will do so through a team of Seylan Bankers who are recognized and rewarded for results orientation.

We will ensure that our efforts translate to meeting the expectations of our shareholders, whilst always acting as responsible corporate citizens.

The Bank with a Heart

The Bank that is Just, Fair and Consistent 


• High ethical and professional conduct
• Passion for excellence
• Courage to adapt to change
• Continuous improvement
• Mutual respect and trust
• Building lasting relationships
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