Pay Direct Solution

Seylan Pay Direct enables organizations to complete their financial transactions such as paying salaries/EPF/ETF, 3rd Party Bulk fund transfers, Sri Lanka Customs Payments, Inland Revenue Department Payments & Sri Lanka Ports Authority payments with much ease and convenience through an efficient, hassle-free manner without stepping into a Bank.

Benefits Of The Solution

  • 24/7, 365 days uninterrupted payment platform
  • Salaries and any 3rd party fund transfers could be accommodated online in real time without stepping into a Bank Branch
  • Elimination of time-consuming activities such as drawing cheques and hand delivering the same to third parties 
  • Eliminate the risk of carrying physical cash to and from the Bank
  • Online EPF/ETF submissions
  • Sri Lanka Customs payments 
  • Sri Lanka Ports Authority payments 
  • Inland Revenue Department payments

Pay Direct Applications

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Pay Direct Solution
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Pay Direct Solution
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Pay Direct Solution
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