Seylan Automated Bill Settlement (ABS)

Enjoy a hassle free life style by ensuring that your recurring bill payments are paid on time and as per your instructions each weekly/month/quarter/ annually by registering your credit card or your Savings/ Current Account with Seylan Automated Bill Settlement.
  • No pressure of having to keep track of recurring bill payments.
  • Your bills are always paid on time it helps to improve your credit score.
  • Avoid overdue interest or late payment charges.
  • One stop for all your recurring bill payments, relieving from unnecessary burden to remember payments.

How to Register?


Register for ABS through Seylan web (Click here)


Download the ABS application and sent it to


Visit nearest Seylan branch / respective biller and complete your ABS registration

Registration Confirmation: Once you are registered a SMS alert/ an Email confirmation (based on your preference) will be sent to the registered mobile number / email address.


What is the registration fee for automated bill settlement?
  • It is free of charge.
  • It’s a free of charge service that Seylan offers to its valued customers to provide the recording payment facility
Can I give a due date for the payment?
Can I register to ABS for multiple accounts?
What are the documents required to register?
Can I select both of my CASA and Credit card / Debit card at once as the payment mode?
What happens if I don’t have money in the account?
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